Garden Music!

by | Oct 26, 2022 | 0 comments

I was day dreaming this morning, coffee in hand and enjoying the coolness of the breeze whilst sat on my favourite garden bench before the human neighbourhood began their daily routines.  The aroma of the coffee was delicious and I felt myself sink deeper into the seat and relax.  The most beautiful part of these few minutes was the music all around me.  I didn’t have my earphones in or have a CD playing.  No, this was real music.  Live music.  Natural music.  The music of our world which sometimes goes so unnoticed. The bird song filled my ears with different notes, pitches and songs.  There were so many layers, not unlike an orchestra.  I closed my eyes and didn’t just hear them, I listened, really listened.  It was a symphony with not conductor, no score to follow, no dictations, just pure, free and natural.  I would definitely say the pigeons would be the trumpet section and some of them clearly only playing at fortissimo!  Dainty robin calls reminded me of delicate woodwind and the magpies, well….. dare I say high strings!  They were not the happiest of birds today!  There are, of course, many more members making up a whole ensemble of chirping cheerfulness, to my shame I cannot recognise the various birdsong and place it to the individuals unless I see them at the same time they serenade to the world.

Blissfully listening to the concerto in the trees, I became aware of bees buzzing their lazy accompaniment and a shriek of our very own resident grumpy squirrel who was intently arguing with a brace of magpie in the willow tree! The comforting breeze caused a movement in the majestic trees surrounding our garden.  The sound of the leaves gently brushing against each other, almost like an audience jostling in a packed stadium.  Without warning a cacophony of sound, enough to make me jump, arose from a few gardens away as a murmuration of starlings took flight, the rumble and depth of sound was akin to the timpani giving impact and exaggeration to a piece.  In an instant, they were gone and the quiet masterpiece continued.  I am grateful I have the opportunity and the wisdom to spend time appreciating the beauty around us and all it offers.  Long may it continue x

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