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When you look at your day, whether you are in business for yourself or you work for someone else, and you look at your tasks ahead, it may look like a mountain to climb.

At times when I have felt like this, I have chatted to a family member or friend and they have suggested I write a list.  A list which shows my priorities.


Have you ever considered the word- priorities?

How can this be a word?

If something is more important to do, to say, to achieve – it is your priority!  If you then add something else you consider to be a priority – you have now negated your initial priority and the new one has taken precedence!

With the very meaning of the word PRIORITY  “the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important” we cannot have more than one on our list of tasks to achieve.

We can, however have one task as a priority and the other tasks jumbled below on our list to tackle once our priority has been achieved. 

The anagram of priorities is prioritise. We can prioritise, but we cannot have priorities!  Only one priority.

Not only does this put tasks into prospective, it also drastically shortens your list into achievable and less daunting chunks!

Have fun with prioritising……. And moving forward. 

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