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by | Nov 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Hello to you all!  I hope you are well on this glorious day.

I am going to ask you a question…… do you ever have days (or weeks!) where it feels you have so much to do, to conquer to achieve, that you end up doing nothing?!  I have had many days like that in the past!  My to-do list growing throughout the day as I seemed to sit staring at it for what felt like hours and achieving nothing in reality.  So, to combat that…..I would write something else on my to-do list or start one for the following day!  Yes!!!!! I actually did something!  Was it productive – no.  Did I feel better for it – no.  Did I feel worse?? YES.

It was one of those things where people said “you are taking on too much, you are trying to cram too much in to one day, you’ll burn out”.

I heard them, but didn’t listen.   Not because I was ignorant, but because I couldn’t process what they were saying.  I wasn’t ready to acknowledge, understand and accept.  The three key points I now focus on as they are incredibly powerful but also difficult to face alone.  As humans, we prefer the easier option mostly.  When it comes to ourselves, this can often be “I haven’t got time for me”, “I will look at that later”, “it’s all mumbo jumbo and won’t work for me” or “I am fine! I don’t need any help”.   The truth is, we all need help.  We just don’t like to acknowledge, understand and accept that!

So, for me, when I was ready to look at my schedule of to-do lists and the ever growing mountain of chores and daily events, I saw them with different eyes.  I took my erasing pen and, with some trepidation…..I rubbed things out!  Sounds straight forward, but it was like erasing part of my life!  Once I had a few blank lines in my list, the weight lifted and I found myself smiling.  How simple was that?! That was the first day I managed to achieve everything on my list including family time, chores, socialising and business.  What a feeling!  By giving myself less to do , I had achieved great things and felt totally different than I had in previous weeks and less staring at my lists, moving my pens around and aimlessly turning pages of the schedule!  Now the shackles were off and the release of pressure made me more productive during the day. There are many ways to achieve this and not everyone has an actual to-do list, I know that, so let’s talk about ways we can help you discover a similar path to acknowledge, understand and accept.


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