Learn how to play saxophone or clarinet

Reed Your Mind

12 week one to one programme teaching you how to play either the saxophone or clarinet.

Learn to play Saxophone or Clarinet

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the saxophone? It is an instrument many people have a desire to play but feel they haven’t enough puff, or they couldn’t hold it properly, or, perhaps, it is just beyond them.  None of this is the case. 

In these current times, many people are stresses, overworked and anxious on a daily basis.  Sometimes it is hard to put feelings into words either because we cannot find the right ones or we are too afraid to voice those words. 

Reed Your Mind is a specific 12 week one to one programme teaching you how to play either the saxophone or clarinet.   There is a free starting guide for the programme and each one to one session is an hour. 

Reed Your Mind 12 week programme 

The sessions are not only to teach the playing of the instrument but for you to learn how you will achieve inner solitude and positive emotional vibration through playing the saxophone or clarinet.  Let the sound resonate within you and reach your soul. In this modern day of the stress buzz word and people recognising the importance of emotional health, playing an instrument can really help to release those tensions.

Perfect for beginners

During the Reed Your Mind programme I will teach you how to relate to the sound and to liberate emotion from within whether this be positive or negative. Plus, whilst making that connection for yourself, you will be learning a skill that will stay with you for life and possibly open up new doors for you too.  It does not matter whether you have ever played an instrument before or if you can read music or not.  There are no barriers to beginning the programme, only the ones you place on yourself, and these are the self-restricting beliefs we are aiming to unshackle you from.

If you find you do struggle to find the right words and you keep your thoughts and emotions locked away through fear, confusion or self doubt in voicing them, you are not alone.  Allow the Reed Your  Mind programme to help you turn your breath into music and allow the music to be your voice.

With Reed Your Mind, I am passionate about people living their best life.  Living a freedom from emotional shackles.  I believe in facilitating the inner strength of someone who has forgotten what it feels like to stand tall and hold their head up.  To help those who just need to be reminded that they are valuable and that every person has the right to feel alive.

None of us can reach the sky by standing on a mountain, but we can bathe in its glory and soak up the power of each day.  We are given the chance to nurture the beauty we are each gifted with if we are willing to be reminded how to value ourselves.

In these modern times of a flat digitally screened planet, we can often forget the true beauty of the world.  Real life. Our life.

We each only have one.

Embrace it.

No one else has it. 

Only you.

Request the free Reed Your Mind guide using the link below and it will help to explain more of the concept behind the programme and you can always book a free discovery call via zoom to chat about it and decide whether this programme is for you.

I would love to welcome you to Reed Your Mind and to be a part of your journey of discovery with a new skill and having some fun along the way too!