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The sound of you

Sound of Success. 

It is so important how we present ourselves to others.  People judge subconsciously with their eyes……and their ears. 

Who is this for?  If you are a business owner presenting to others, perhaps you have a speech looming, maybe you are a Best Man with that special task of addressing a room with your words and humour, it could be you have been selected for an important interview or even an audition for that part you have had your sights set on.  If you future depends on how you use your voice, Sound of Success is for you.

How you project your voice is the art of human communication through sound and conversation.  Aspects such as tone, pronunciation, inflection and vocabulary are all factors to consider.  Learning to pause for breath at the right time is just as powerful as the words we speak, as long as those words are the right ones to propel your business forward and they are delivered positively.

One example, the infamous Margaret Thatcher, when she came into power, changed her voice.  I use her as an example purely as most people would recognise her speaking voice, so, whether you love her or loathe her as a person, or for her values, she had the right idea when it came to being heard.  She used a humming technique to lower her sound to become more authoritative.  The thought behind it being, no one would listen to someone in power with a weaker, higher pitched, almost squeaky voice.  There have been many instances of this throughout the ages.  Proof that people judge with their ears.  The sound we make has an immediate impact on those listening (even if we are not directly addressing them!).  She did not become someone else, she just worked with a sound coach to find the voice that made her heard and achieved the results she wanted.

Coming across confidently attracts the ideal client for your business. 

With Sound of Success, the emphasis comes with your voice. I use my voice for my business.  I also sing.   However, I used to hide my speaking voice through fear of saying the wrong thing or not coming across convincingly enough to be taken seriously.  I never sang in public.  Catapult forward to now having employed my techniques on my own voice and things are very different.  I have released albums and people are buying them, enjoying them and asking for more.  I speak clearly and confidently to rooms of people. I have learned to love my sound and to enjoy sharing it.  I am proof that this works and yes, I know first hand the pitfalls, fears and anxieties we all go through.  Am I a different person?  No.  I am not.  I just sound different and I have given myself permission to be confident, to come across vocally to people with professionalism and passion.  This attracts my clients who then find this within themselves too and their own businesses build rapidly.

My clients come to me with different business models, different issues and various back stories.  I do not have a “one model fits all” policy.   They are all looking to increase their business flow, to attract more ideal clients.  They simply lack a missing piece of their success jigsaw.  We work on it together over a series of sessions and click that last piece firmly into place.

The Inner Sound of You

Let me ask you this too, if you stub your toe at home, do you shout out?  Loud enough that the entire household is in no doubt whatsoever that you have just injured yourself and it (beep) hurts?  Of course you do!!  It is an instinct.

Now, a similar scenario.  You are in a busy supermarket.  You take a tin of beans (purely as an example) from the shelf and accidentally knock a few neighbouring tins from the same shelf.  As a certain law would have it – one lands on your toe giving you instant searing pain.

Do you:

a) Scream in agony as you exactly to the decibel would have done at home with the toe stubbed on the sofa

b) Grit your teeth, blow air profusely through your pursed lips as you quietly groan in pain under your ragged breath and hobble away cursing the dented tin for all eternity?

Not surprisingly – most people choose b.

But why?

As babies, we are encouraged to make sounds to communicate.  Once we start to form words, we are then discouraged from making those formulative sounds in favour of cohesive word formation.  Why?

Your sound is a huge part of who you are and having it supressed is unhealthy.

Sound is empowering and also relaxing.

Even more so – sound is freedom, expression, it is you.

In our sessions, I help you to find the sound locked away inside from when you were younger, sound is not just about being able to talk, the benefits of sound include:

  • Finding your sound vibration within your body for better overall health
  • Aiding sleep
  • Building vocal confidence for speaking either 121 or publicly
  • Making friends with your voice and working together to achieve outcomes
  • Singing with confidence
  • Distraction and coping
  • Standing up for yourself with a strong voice from within. Courage to speak.
  • Liking yourself through your own sound
  • It is also fun!

None of us can reach the sky by simply standing on a mountain, but we can bathe in its glory and soak up the power of each day.  We are given the chance to nurture the beauty we are each gifted with if we are willing to be reminded how to value ourselves.

We each have one sound.

Embrace it.

Channel it.

It is YOU.

Benefits of Sound Discovery

Vocal healing has been a long standing approach to stress, pain and tension relief in the eastern world and primitive times.  We are slowly embracing these techniques back into our Western culture and the benefits are well documented.  The sessions a gentle and there are no prerequisites.  We all have breath and, unless we are clinically muted, we all have a voice, we all have the ability to create sound.

The process has been proven to aid not only with pain, stress and tension relief but also with nervous anxiety and fear.  For example with public speaking, business pitches, public performance such as stage acting or for musicians.  It aids with the stresses of exams, phobias and can even aid weight loss.  The instrument we all carry within us is an incredibly powerful tool and it will be my pleasure to help you discover yours and teach you how to harness it to enhance your journey through this fantastic gift of life we all have.

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