The Ultimate Event

by | Oct 4, 2022 | 0 comments

I sat to write this morning and encountered a rarity!  A total mental block.  Nothing came to mind.  A blankness.  It was an odd feeling.  The more I tried, the more the darkness of empty thought invaded everything.  Not good.  Instead of panicking, I decided to use that time to just drink my coffee and relax for a few minutes.  Suddenly my thoughts were filled by an invading earworm!  You know, one of those songs that wriggle into your mind and present themselves persistently.  Today, for me, this was, rather randomly, Sammy Davis Junior singing With A Song In My Heart.   I mean, apart from my love of singing, there was no reason for that to pop itself in there whatsoever! I was instantly transported to watching The Ultimate Event in Detroit from 1989.  Sammy Davis Junior, Liza Minnelli and the larger than life character that was Frank Sinatra.  What a show!

The three of them having great fun together, laughing, taking the mickey out of each other and enjoying mutual comradery but always being in control and ultimate professionals with their music and song.  If you have never watched it, I would definitely suggest you do so.  Sammy Davis Junior singing Michael Jackson and The Phantom!  Unbelievable.  What a star.

Have a look at The Ultimate Event and feel inspired!

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