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Have you had the morning when you have argued in silence to your alarm as it shouts obscenely at you?  By pressing the “snooze” or daring to push “dismiss” you felt as though you have won that battle and drift off victorious only to wake enough to become sufficiently compos mentis to register the time, you are late!!!  

As you are rushing around in a tear, you have the most annoying addition to your stress!  An incessant earworm. No matter how much you ignore it or join in, it is determined to crescendo in your head to the point you feel madness creeping in right beside it.  Not only is it persistent beyond measure, you realise it is the same line or two repeating endlessly like the proverbial stuck record. 

You continue to press through your morning routine in order to reach a time deadline whilst the earworm coils on loop through your thoughts, increasing in volume and morphing into a painful pitch of exasperation.

THEN – at some point during your day you become aware of the silence in your mind, the annoyance of the repetitive mantra that was the earworm from earlier has fallen to a hush.  You smile to yourself at conquering the beast, even though you admit to being unaware of the victory at the time.  You experience the strange feeling of your mind being two separate entities, two children if you will, one, a placid and kindly being and the other, a fiend, a devil.  Now, in your mind’s eye, you see the latter running away, taunting you with a wicked grin as it shouts “now….what WAS that song?”…… It is dragged from your sleeping memory and joyously plays in your head once again as your naughty child brain dances in glee whilst your placid brain sits with head in hands, a quiet groan emitting.  You come to realise the groan has been audible from you as the earworm delights in its revelry once more. 

I feel there should be an unwritten rule.  No matter where we are, or what we are doing, be it either at home, on the bus, in a supermarket, at the office, in a court of law, imagine this in the Houses of Parliament…… we should be permitted to share these earworms at full volume in order to release them into the world for others to share! Can you imagine!  The cacophony of people singing their earworms all at once.  How terrific.  The explosion of sound and expression. Wonderful.  I do believe this would make people smile more.  Something our world needs.  A reminder of how people used to be.

Earworms to the fore 😊

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