Vocal Styles for Presentaton Skills

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Vocal Styles for Presentation Skills

 In my business life I attend a number of meetings across a variety of platforms. Most of these meetings involve people speaking about their business in order to attract a client from the attending audience.  This could be a direct business link or third party referral. However,  it never ceases to dismay me as I look around the room whilst someone I speaking and I see the other attendees glazing over, sending emails, chatting on their phones  – all trying to look nonchalant and failing miserably. 

We can hear the voice of the speaker, but do we really listen?  Are they engaging enough to grab our attention with both ears and for us to want to know more?  Sadly, a lot of the time, looking around the room…… NO.

The speech is almost a mantra, a rehearsed pitch without feeling or variety and I find this heart breaking.  Here is a person who believes in their business and is showcasing it to others and hoping someone will be interested enough to pay them for their skill and knowledge.  Yet their pitch is not sufficiently exciting and people have switched off.  Most people in networking are mainly interested in themselves. There – I said it – and not genuinely that interested in what others offer.  Networking can be a very selfish business. It can also, if utilised correctly, be a powerful tool in your business arsenal.

When it comes to shyness – I am an authority.  For years I would not look at people when I spoke – if I spoke – and would never entertain the notion of speaking to a group of people, and, when I say group, I mean more than one person!  My confidence to speak was non-existent. It did allow me the luxury of time to harness my listening skills though and, for that, I am grateful. Over the years, I have come to realise that there were perhaps many missed opportunities in life when I was unable to speak up.  Many things also happened in life that should not have, for the same reason. 

Someone in a meeting I attended asked the question –“why did you start your business?”.  My answer was unequivocal.  

To encourage and nudge the people who are like I used to be.

To give them their voice.

To capture their opportunities before those precious gifts are lost forever. 

To help them develop and further themselves and, if applicable, to grow their business.

I listen to people and watch the response.  I feel drawn to help those who are trying to break into the world of business and who are lost in their approach or perhaps have lost belief in their business. Every instinct within me screams to help them as I recognise the behaviour so very well and can see the edge of the precipice they are unknowingly hurtling towards at full speed.  My aim is to catch them, turn them round and steer them back towards a busy bustling world of people who are interested in their offer.

It is important to me that people are not only heard, but they are listened to.

If this is you or you know of anyone this is written about, please do contact me and let’s start putting the pizzaz into presentations and giving the vocal vavavoom to those who need to feel safe with their sound.

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