Chestnuts! Too early for roasting?

by | Nov 15, 2022 | 0 comments

Winter is finally on it’s way.  I am all for that as I am not a fan of the hot summers.  We are in the midst of autumn, the leaves are turning yellow, red, brown and the colours of warmth.  The irony of the tree leaf colours being the warmer colours is not lost on me, the colours splendid in winter and yet the coldness of the colour green is predominant in summer.

This time of year also lends itself to autumnal sounds.  Recently, whilst enjoying a walk along a country lane, there was a huge crack from above followed by a thud from below as a large horse chestnut fell through the branches and landed on the path in front of me. The sound cut through the otherwise tranquil surrounding.  Only the trees were rustling in the slight breeze, the old withering leaves rubbing against each other making their music in nature’s orchestra.

To stand in the stillness, with the cool breeze whistling around, the soft play of the leaves humming above, eyes closed and thoughts clear was a true gift of freedom and peace.

The dry leaves lay at my feet, the crisp autumn colours and vibrant crunch betraying the decay as the leaves rest momentarily, shrivelled by the elements.  They seem to almost taunt and call to the breeze to swirl them into agitated play as they tussle and scrape the tarmac. We can hear them jostling and scraping with each other in exaggerated performances of both comedy and tragedy until they reach their final destination and accept their duty to become part of nature’s regrowth and structure.

All is yet again still save for the breeze gently whistling, the bird song and the beat of a dragonfly’s wings as it gently hums passed.  Effortless music, once again, a work of pure composite genius by Mother Nature and yet so often overlooked in the busy world we have created within her musical score.


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